Thursday, October 16, 2008

16th Birthday

(Written at age 16.)

another birthday just passed
another cake just cut
another day of rejoice
much like others, but
more special than ever before.
sweet sixteen they call it,
but its that and more.
my heart ripped open, it tore
for such was the atmosphere,
i had to expose my core...
my inside, my person, my true self
needed to come out and breathe
covered for so long with courtesy and manners
hidden under, concealed beneath
always there
they look at me and stare
but that day
they succumbed
gave in
melted away
into the warmth of the moment,
the love of the people around me.
and all those aspritions and expectations aside,
i could be what i wanted to be.
i can be what i want to be,
for such is the confidence i have gained
in me, but more so in the love
i've been showered with time and again.
i know i'm needed,
and more importantly wanted
i knew it for sure then.
i shall have neverending support
to cross every tor
and companions in every valley.
i have been gifted myself,
what more could i possibly have asked for?

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