Wednesday, October 15, 2008

To Remain a Child

(Written at age 14.)

if i could only turn back time
and become a child once again
and spend my time trying to rhyme
little words like hen and men.

find pleasure in little things
like a kiss from mom, or a hug from dad
wait whole year to see what santa brings
and never know the meaning of sad!

with my little eyes
i would have found pleasure
in little things like spiders and flies
and an occasional game of hunt for the treasure

with my little hands i would only feel
the warmth of my parents' skin
i would never have had to conceal
some dark secrets deep within

but its impossible, isnt it?
to turn back time and return
to childhood, when throwing a fit
was the best way do get things done?

i wish i had never grown
for growing has made me understand
things like hatred and it has shown
me the evil limits of this human land

killing in the name of caste, colour and creed
i would never have had to see
discrimination, selfishness, and greed
would have been unknown to me

if only i had remained been a kid, a child, a baby
and lived in peaceful ignorant glee...

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