Thursday, October 16, 2008

Priceless Peace

(Written at age 15.)

As the moon dares to come out of hiding
And take its place in the night sky,
Its rays find their way down
To the abandoned battlefield where there lie

Such innumerable corpses with their anatomy strewn about,
And not to be heard a single breath.
The soil is one with the blood of many,
And the air poignant with death.

Silent screams echo yet
Though sensed not by the ear but by the soul,
Which also sees better than the eyes
The grief lurking, blacker than coal.

Millions have died and left behind
Voids amongst their friends and kin –
Voids that no one else can ever fill,
That will always make those still here maudlin.

Let us resolve not to forget
Those who have died for us.
Let us value the peace they have gifted humanity,
Through their sacrifice of self, ever so pious.

Let us not jeopardize this wonderful world
Filled with colourful cultures and bountiful beauty.
Let us determine that to preserve peace
Shall be our foremost duty.

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