Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Missing Beat

(Written March 2001, at age 14.)

The music blasts in my ears,
Their chattering not a trifle bit too loud.
The sound of their feet thumping on the ground as they dance
Synchronizes with my heartbeat and gives it a rhythm.

I sit opposite them all,
On the bed,
Scribbling this.
Thoughts flood my mind.
Their happiness and enjoyment is too perfectly in tune with the music.
Why do I feel so lost,
So incomprehensive of my feelings
Amidst all this?

Maybe because I know this is the last time I am to witness their moods in action,
The last time I see them swaying, each in their own uniquely special way, to the music,
The last time I will be amongst them.

These realizations,
Along with the confusing mixture of feelings that comes along with them
Have a unique effect on me.

The blurred fog of emotions clears
And I see these words vivid and sharp in my mind -
I will miss them.

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