Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fairytale Love

(Written June 11, 2005, at age 18.)

Fairytales have long been told
Of perfect love, glorious and true.
Naivete in your heart you hold,
If you believe this, as you do.

No love exists, profane or pure,
No love exists, as all idealize,
No love exists, disease or cure,
No love exists, beyond the eyes.

It existed once, in times unlike this,
Oh it existed, in all its pride,
It existed when humanity wasn't amiss,
In goodness, it happily thrived.

But today when things mean more than people,
And selfishness and greed are rampant,
The essence of love has dwindled to dead from feeble,
The guileless attachment of hearts has been dampened.

No one has time today, to sit back and let their eyelids droop,
No one has time today, to look at the blue sky, the pigeon, the dove.
No one has time today, to be completely smitted, to feel their heart swoop,
No one has time today, to belong to someone else, to be in love.

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