Thursday, October 16, 2008


(Written at age 16.)

how lost i feel
in this uncaring world
how insignificant,
admist this bustle.
i am but one alone
and why should anyone bother?
there are friends and family
and yet,
i am inferior.
there is nothing
which i can claim as mine
no talent unique to me
i am unneeded
for i have nothing to give.
nothing others cannot give.
every time the hope arises,
i see something i'm good at,
a moment,
and i am shown,
there are others better.
i know i am not bad
but i want to be good
i want to be better
and better yet
so good that no one shall forget me
for something
only i am capable of.
but there is no such thing.
someone better than me at this
and someone else better than me at that.
and so
someone remind me
why do i try?
when nothing is to be achieved
i see myself shine
only to be overshadowed
by greater light.
is there any use?
i have motivated myself long enough
not anymore.
no longer will i try in vain.
but will i...
can i...
give up?
is that me?
but its not me
to be this bad
(at least compared to others)
why me?
why is no wish fulfilled?
maybe its the wishes
maybe theyre stupid.
my wishes.

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