Thursday, October 16, 2008

Would You

(Written August 2006, at age 19.)

would you take if you couldn't keep?
would you kiss if you couldn't speak?
would you smile if you couldn't cry?
would you live if you couldn't die?
and would you look at me the same way
if nothing ever happened that day?
would you fingers still search for mine
when you drive that corolla, every damn time?
would your hands grope your empty sheet
hoping to find mine, hoping to meet?
would your bed always be bland to taste
without my skin, my hair, my bare waist?
tell me, would you still blink if you couldn't see?
and would you ever again trust in me?
would you sigh if you couldn't love?
would you ever believe my faith is enough?
would you touch the corners of my lips?
would you talk to me about taking long trips?
would you touch my breast and touch my heart
if i told you we will never part?
would you hold me close to you
if i promised you my deepest blue?

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