Thursday, October 16, 2008


(Written at age 16.)

Worthless I am
Worthless I be
Yes, worthless,
That is me.

Nothing I do
Is ever right.
For all I do
Is hurt and fight.

Nothing I say
Has the power to ease
No act of mine
Can ever please

I am self-centered
I care not if others sink
I am the only one that has problems
Yes, that is what I think.

Mind not these tears
That from my eyes do flow.
Deceptive, like me,
They are only for show.

Don't bother,
This burning behind my eyes
Has nothing to do
With agony, or with silent cries.

Do not worry, my pain
That becomes hard to conceal
Is but fake,
For I do not feel.

Ignore my loss of control
As to the ground I slam,
Because dead I may be,
But worthless I am.

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