Thursday, October 16, 2008


(Written at age 14-15.)

Black darkness, scary darkness?
A different world, a different life?
Existence contrasting with our present one or complete non-existence?
Do memories of our life stay?
Or are we pushed into utter oblivion knowing nothing
Save the hurting fact that we are nothing but mere existence?
A physical form or just mental acknowledgement?

I wonder, what is it?

Can we still see the world with our beloveds,
Which and whom we would have left?

Is it is an attempt in vain to try and know what there is
Beyond Life?
A time spent in futile efforts to find out what is
Something we must experience to know what it is.
To find out what is Death.

Still, I wish to know.
And I am sure I will know,
I only wish that day
Is not too far.

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