Thursday, October 16, 2008

(Small Pieces)

(Written at age 16-17.)

love is all you want it to be,
i want it to be you, do you want it to be me?

when u hold my hand, and look into my eyes
come hug me from behind, to take me by surprise
when u hold me close to you, so tight u almost crush me,
i know then, we were meant to be.

never will i be bitter
never will i complain
for it is you that has ruined me
you that has caused the pain

i care not if you hurt me all at once
or bit by bit do kill
all i ask is the promise
that completely kill you will

i want to give myself to the music
my soul i want to succumb
let the rhythm become my heartbeat
let my mind turn numb

i want to dance till i drop dead,
dance till the earth starts to cry,
but i don't have the strength,
neither to dance, nor to die.

to hold back, to let go;
to try to hide, and want to show;
to kill in the anticipation to know;
to stagnate in the desire to flow;
to bleed every little time you grow;
to learn really fast the need to be slow;
to wish to be able to glow;
to fly so high, then sink so low.

the false promises, the sweet lies
the breaking bonds, the weak ties
the quivering lips, the watery eyes
the silent moans, the unbearable cries

there's a weight on my chest
its pressing me down
i can't breathe properly
i can't smile or frown
i have tears in my throat
there's nothing i can see
only because i can never forget
your attitude towards me

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