Thursday, October 16, 2008

When I'm with You

(Written at age 16.)

i lay in bed,
with u next to me,
your arm around my waist,
as warm as can be,
and as the first ray of the sun
kisses the morning dew,
i realize heaven seems forsaken
when i'm with u

when i'm low and dejected,
and you hold me near,
let your energy flow into me,
whisper encouragement in my ear,
you're here for me now,
and forever too,
and i realize i'm loved and taken,
when i'm with u

you touch me once,
and i'm filled with desire,
i'm hot in ice,
and cold in fire,
and when you told me you loved me,
i knew,
it's eternity in the making,
when i'm with u

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