Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Sin of Happiness

(Written at age 14.)

That is all i desire.
No celestial beauty or magical fire.
But every where i look,
Darkness i see.
Life, i feel,
Has turned its back on me.
What sin have I commited?
What have I done?
There seems to be no place where I can run
Away from this restlessness
That has made me its abode
Will I be able to run alone
On this long winding road?
Isn't that what I feel?
Yes, alone.
My mind starts to reel.
Has everyone left me?
Am I forsaken?
But how can this be?
All I ever wanted was to feel loved and taken.
Alas! I realize that to be happy
I must teach myself to live alone.
And turn my heart into one of stone.

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