Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dawn to Dawn

(Written at age 12-13.)

When of only sleeping people the world comprises
Then early in the morning the sun rises
Waking the people with its golden light
It says “Rise and shine the morning’s bright”

Burning for us all through the day
It continues burning till the day’s grey
And when it is early evening
To the sky it adds a sober seasoning

And then at dusk the sun seems
As if with happiness it beams
After throughout the day tirelessly working
It feels like going about lurking

From this wicked and troubled world
It wants to run away
But gives the excuse that
For the night sky it has to make way
So the big ball of fire
Is actually a big liar

And then as we hear the sun’s cry
With flashes of red in the sky
All the people wish the sun good bye
And when they look up there is a new sky

Which looks like a battleground
And without any sound
The moon, the general with his army of starry soldiers marches on
Looking at which we feel the pleasure of sitting in our lawn

The moon provides the little light
Needed during the night
By throwing its glimmering silver ray
And showing the awake beings their way
As the night deepens
Every being weakens
And then as he sleeps
He probably dreams about tension in heaps

The barking dogs and mewing cats
Also feel sleepy
Hanging upside down from the trees, the bats
Making them feel creepy

All the nightly things are sewn
In the silver rays of the moon
And then as the night dances
Into the world the sun again glances

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