Thursday, October 16, 2008

Who Are You?

(Written September 6, 2007, at age 20.)

who are you?

there, behind the silhouette of those mountains,
here, in the touch of my leather purse,
whispering through the raspy voice of Floyd,
walling me off from my friends around me,
who are you?

hanging, patronizingly in my long earrings,
brushing against my neck,
draped carelessly in my new dress,
cutting boldly down and hugging my breasts,
who are you?

with your hand clutched around my heart,
not the slightest bit tight, not a tad too loose,
refusing to let me be whole,
cradling me in incompleteness,
who are you?

sucking viciously at my throat,
taking each breath out of me,
making me live on the air you spare,
puncturing my lungs with your teeth,
who are you?

binding me with the sandal straps on my feet,
throbbing in the restricted blood in my toes,
reaching through my necklace into my cleavage,
cold, beautiful, between my breasts,
who are you?

making me someone other than who i and others know as me,
strumming every guitar note i hear,
here, so close, behind my eyes, watching me from the inside,
there, so far, in the nonchalant sky, ignoring me,
who are you?

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