Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Need Someone

(Written at age 12-13.)

I need someone......
To comfort me in my times of pain.
To make me humane, when I turn vain.
To kiss me on my forehead when I’m depressed.
To ease me out when I’m stressed.

I need someone......
To hug me tight when I’m crying.
To keep me motivated when I’m trying.
To teach me the ways of life.
To teach me that to achieve something you have to work hard and strive.

I need someone......
Who’ll always be by my side.
To teach me to walk and not stride.
Whose smile will take away the nervousness in me.
Whose heart shall always ask God to bless me.

I need someone......
Whose touch will take me from the earth to the sky.
To make me laugh when I cry.
On whom I know I can depend.
To swerve me round the bend.

I need someone......
To tell me what’s right and what’s wrong.
To take away my weaknesses and make me strong.
To tell me where to go.
Whom I’ll be proud to know.

I need someone......
To wipe my eyes when my vision is blurred.
Who’ll love me more than anything in the world.

When I meet this person whom is so badly desire,
Nature, people, everything I will begin to admire;
For people say you see the world the way you are -
Happy people find everything nice, unhappy ones find everything sour.

As I would have met this ‘someone’ for whom I feel the need,
I will then belong to the happy people’s breed.

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