Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our Future

(Written at age 16.)

in every moment of closeness
in every instant of intimacy
you say it with truth in ur eyes
you say together we'll always be

and i believe you, for i want to.
i want to be with you, for eternity
but will this be enough? me loving you?
and you loving me?

we say it with confidence
and more importantly happiness
but do we truly realize
what more there is to this, and what less.

its simple saying it, simpler believing it
that the future is but ours
but what if i end up on venus
and u on mars?

even more than the distance
which im sure our love can conquer
its the things from the past
those that will forever linger

you've called me a bitch, a slut
and although i know that's all over, done with, slam,
you still really don't
accept me for what i am

and then there's how different we are
i'm all about poetry, philosphy, a meaning to life
and you find it all meaningless,
so boring ud rather stab urself with a knife

u choke around slow, old songs,
with lyrics that i live by
u'd laugh out of sarcasm
about things that make me cry

and what confuses me the most
is that even though we have such
different attitudes and tastes
we love each other so much

but have we really considered
that in the future that we plan
there will be a million other obstacles
a long and very bumpy road to span

we think love is all we need
we'll fly through life, love will be our wing,
but i think we need to realize that in the future
love will but be the easiest thing...

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