Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Young Times

(Written at age 10-11.)

Young Times is a cool magazine,
Even cooler than the longest limousine.

Read and enjoy it in the sun,
Munching and chewing on a cheese bun.
Read and enjoy it in your house,
I bet you wouldn’t know if next to you were a mouse!
Read and enjoy it on the beach,
And as if into the young world you will reach.
Read and enjoy it anywhere,
About almost anything else you wouldn’t care.

All the cover stories are so interesting,
On all the different topics,
Some about the less fortunate,
Some about the tropics.
You read them at top-speed - wroom, wroom, wroom.
And all the posters-oh, they’re so fascinating,
I put them all up in my room.

'Odds and Ends' is fun as well as educational,
Doesn’t it increase my general knowledge!?!
I really think it’s gonna help me,
When I start studying in college.

'Short Story' and 'Saman Zaar',
Coming under the 'fiction' column,
They’re so interesting,
For them I’d even give up playing carom!
'Postscript' is like a chat area,
Where we read many a letter,
Some complaining about the CBSE system,
Others giving suggestions about how to make Young Times better.

The rest of the columns are all just too great,
Oops! But I gotta say 'Bye' now,
For it’s getting pretty late!

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