Wednesday, October 15, 2008

All in the Eye

(Written at age 11-12.)

Once he was there
To stand by me,
To love me, to care,
And to see,
That I always did the right,
And stayed away from the wrong.
He took me towards light,
And never let me stay in darkness for long.

But then he went,
Without even bothering to see,
The hollow dent,
That he left in me.

He stopped caring for me,
Or so he said,
Said that now we both were free.
And he left me with a swirling head.

A swirling head,
With flashing memories.
I went to bed
And made silent pleas.
To everyone yet no one,
For my heart, my soul to return.
But what was done was done,
And now forever my mind will churn.

I knew those memories would never fade,
Oh! Those memories we had made!
Memories of how we had cared,
Of all those times that we had shared -
Those good times, those bad times,
Those happy times, those sad times.

But now he's gone; gone forever.
Without even hearing my heartbroken cry.
And now I wonder if he had cared ever,
Or was it all just in my eye...

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