Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Poor

(Written at age 11-12.)

All of us the plight of poor have seen.
But how many of us towards them caring have been?

When the poor little children for food wail,
Which they finally never get,
Then a million diseases get on their trail,
On this I could bet!

When the poor men for work they beg,
Then why do we kick them with our leg?
Why don’t we give them a job,
Rather than letting them eat rotten corn on the cob?
Which we know they get from the dustbin,
And not from a hygienic sealed tin.

When the poor women for money cry,
Then why in the sun do we let them fry?
Why don’t we teach them how to lead a good life,
Rather than letting them one day stab themselves with a knife?

If we don’t help the poor now,
Act arrogant and raise a brow,
Then against us they will have a hunch,
And come to kill us in a bunch.

The poor are also people alive,
Who also have the right to live
Then why do we to this conclusion arrive,
That they are small and primitive?

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