Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Fall Season

(Written at age 11-12.)

Look at life from the eye of the heart,
And you will find that life looks like a big huge cart;
Of which fall season is a part,
Which like everything else has its unique start.

As if a brightly glowing bulb begins to slowly fuse,
Their flashing green colour the leaves begin to loose;
Into a pale golden yellow shade they turn,
Beginning to look dry and stern.

The wind turning slowly cool
Burns away the left summer heats;
Continuing to follow the rule
To the ground begin falling the golden sheets.

Under our feet the dead leaves get crushed,
Or by a sharp rake they get violently brushed.

Similarly a person in life goes up and down,
His life, for a moment colourful, it may suddenly turn brown.
He feels people step over him as they walk,
Or are using him as a climbing stalk.

So a person's life may have seasons of fall,
A period in which you have to carefully crawl.

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